My experience with Udacity Machine Learning Foundation Nanodegree Program

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I Started Learning And Developing Android App In Nov 2017, I Developed Lot many apps like Carpool, Chat-App, Payment Gateway Apps which a beginner would develop. In 2018 I decided to make a AI Based application which can help users in multiple ways. So i developed a App which has 6 AI Features and I am planing to add few AI Feature. Check Out App Here (15k+ Insatlls). I have zero knowledge of ML and AI. So I decided to enroll for ML Nano-degree. It was great, I am thinking to enroll other nano-degree.

Nanodegree cost :

Udacity’s nanodegrees programs are priced with a premium. However, they are absolutely worth every penny i spent! I was not sure on how to convince my parents for it but I did somehow. There are lot many Coupon codes available from which you get in on heavy discount.

But Now Udacity has change there Pricing Program, its like 20–25k per month or Pay As You Go. You can pay One time also which is different for all ND.

The Nanodegree Program:

After paying for the nanodegree Program, I was immediately enrolled and I was assigned a mentor. I was also asked to join the slack community where the other students and alums of the same nanodegree program discuss doubts and help each other. The videos are awesome and very coherent. The instructors are the world’s best. You’ll learn to go from the very basics to a great level having intuitive views about the topic that you’re learning. Also, every concept has a quiz or programming assignment at the end which helps us to understand what we have learnt better. The nanodegree started with basic python programming and I built a movie trailer website using python. The next few modules talked about data science and statistics and I did projects on statistical hypothesis testing and analysing the titanic dataset. After making sure that the basics are lucid, machine learning was introduced and a regression project to predict Boston housing prices was given. Every project was reviewed after submission and the passing criteria was dependent on a particular rubric that was properly designed to take care of all the aspects. If the reviewers found the project below the satisfactory levels, I had to redo it and this time, make it better. This taught me about the industrial scenario of making things perfect and clean. The mentor helped me whenever I asked for help, and the slack community was awesome.

The lessons no one would teach you:

There were challenges I faced at every project I was given. Along the way, I learnt a very helpful skill — to google the right stuff. This is one skill which would take anyone a long way. Whenever I wanted to do something in my head and didn’t know what exactly to do, I googled a lot and got familiar with a lot of other extra concepts that wasn’t touched in the course. Final project of Nano degree got rejected twice, I got quit disappointed but the reviewer helped in my project and told me where I was having probelm and 3rd Time finally i got approved.

Post Nanodegree:

At the end of the nanodegree program, my github and LinkedIn profile was full of projects that I could show off. I added a few new skills and updated my profile.I felt motivated and went on to learn more about the field on youtube, using books and projects and most importantly, I began to understand terms that people used in ML. I also took various free courses after that which gave me a greater insight into ML. I am thinking to enroll into more nanodegree.

Enroll into Machine Learning Foundation Nanodegree here

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