How To Get Experience, Knowledge and Money From Remote Internships While Studying

Well every students wants to earn few bucks while studying, also we don’t want to go to office part-time or full-time. Work from home internship are best for all kind of students, you can gain knowledge, experience and few bucks. I will share my experience that how I got internships and what to do after that.

So lets start talking about my prior experience and project work. As a Android Developer I had created and worked on many projects, few are live on play store with 50k+ total user base. So I had good knowledge about my field.

How And Where To Apply

There are good number of sites or job portals, but I used Internshala(Free Platform) to apply for internships. 80% of company on Internshala are startups, so it will have its own pros and cons. I Always applied for work from home internships on Internshala. You can work on your own time without any travel. You will get tons of position in your field to apply.

How To Crack Internships (Work From Home)

  1. Search Your Position (eg- Android Developer, UI/UX Designer, HR, Marketing etc)
  2. Read The Job Description
  3. If you can do the work, apply

Before applying make sure your resume looks good, add any past exp or projects. It will make a good impact.

Build A Portfolio, It will increase your chance to get call for interview.

If your work, projects and resume will stand out, you will get a call for interview. This will depend from company to company. Few company will call, few company will provide you a task to test out your skills. You might also get technical interview from skype. If company provides you a task then try to complete it on time. If you are in tech field than you should be good at git.

What After Getting Selected

I was hired by 5 Companies from Internshala as Android Developer Intern and every company had different work pattern. 3 Companies provided me task to test my skills and 2 just hired me on my past work. Currently I am working with 2 companies and its been more than 5–6 Months. Depending on company you will have to create new features, remove old bugs, create new app, perform daily task etc. You will have to give daily 3–5 hours for work and stay connected with different teams. Mostly all companies are startup so might have to create few things from scratch.


If you land on 1 month internship or 6 month internship, it is going to fill your resume. Beside Certificate, Letter of Recommendation and Stipend You will gain a startup or corporate world experience and knowledge in your field. You will get your hands on things you didn't knew about, you will learn new things.

What If I Have Zero Past Experience

Its called internships but company still look for past work. If you have zero past experience or project work, Then before applying to any internship just build few projects with your skills, because if you apply with your empty resume then you are going to get rejected. If you are from tech field than use github, stack overflow and develop few projects. If you are UI/UX Designer then build few designs, If you are from marketing field than get your skills into work attract companies with your catchy lines. Its all about the Skills.You can do few free courses online and improve your skills, Build Projects and Then Start Applying.

Getting Rejected/Not Getting Response From Company

Well this is a normal thing. If you apply to 15 companies than you will get response from 4–5 companies. If you got response from any company and later they hired someone else than message them or mail them and ask what things you need to improve or where did I lag. Take that rejection positively and improve your skill and apply again :).There are tons of companies at Internshala and you will find good number of work from home internship. Make sure you have good skill, good resume and good number of projects. Also This is not paid/sponsored post from any company or job portal.

  • Make few projects
  • Fill the resume
  • Do any course to improve your skills
  • Get enough skills to work on real world projects
  • Start applying(apply everywhere)
  • Crack the interview
  • Do the work
  • Get experience, knowledge And Stipend :)

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