Beginners Guide To Google Actions

Chatbots are the rage these days. At a high level, they can be rule-based or AI-based. If it is Google Assistant Or Amazons Alexa , we use it every day in our life. We use this Chatbots in our smartphone, TV, Home etc.

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With Actions on Google, you can easily reach and engage with users across Google. From quick commands to full conversations, Actions help you connect your content and services to users with the Google Assistant.

The tutorial covers the following:

  • Overview of Google Actions
  • Creating First App For Google Assistant
  • Testing out on Real device
  • Deploying It For All Google Assistant User
  • Rewards After Deploying

Ever Had A thought that making something for Billions of users without coding anything. Leverage Google’s capabilities in machine learning and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to easily design conversations and deploy Actions.

Getting Started

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Head On to Google’s Console ( and Sign In with your Google Account

Click On New Project and Name Your Project or App

After Creating Your First Project, You will see few category like Games, Food, Shopping etc. So we will talk about this category later.

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You will see a category named Templates, just click on it. There you will find few more sub-category Like Trivia, Flash Cards, Quiz and more. So choose any one category you like or whatever you want to make. There will be small description written about the sub-category. For Now I Will choose Trivia.

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After Choosing Trivia Category, you will see something like this, Choose Your voice command, Head on to Fill in your content. Here You will see a link to Google Sheets, just make a Copy of it and Rename the sheet and start creating your own Trivia. Make sure its unique. Now copy that Google Sheet Link And Paste in the console, And Let Google Validate.

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Time to test your Trivia, You can also test this on your smartphone with same Google Account. If everything seems perfect while testing, so lets deploy. So You will need to fill few details like privacy policy, developer name etc.

You will have to choose a unique name for your trivia so users can easily find and play your trivia. Fill Out all the details and head to Deploy Section. Here you can choose location targeting, company’s details, website integration. If everything is fine go to Release Section, and submit your project for Approval. Your Project will be approved within 1–3 Days and if its not approved than make changes to your project and submit it again. Then You Will Receive Mail That App Is approved and is being deployed to Google Assistant.

If You have at least one deployed Actions project for the Google Assistant in good standing may receive a t-shirt, Google Home and 200$ per month of Google Cloud credit for one year.

Keep users engaged, Make Necessary Updates And Taking your Action global

Links :-

Console For Google Actions —

FAQs —

Hope You Make A Wonderful Project 😃

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