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In this tutorial, we’re going to create and train our own face mask detector using a pre-trained SSD MobileNet V2 model.

First we will create our own image dataset and later we will see how to train a Custom Model for Object Detection (Local and Google Colab!)

1. Installation

1.1 Tensorflow

Install Tensorflow using the following command:

$ pip install tensorflow or pip install tensorflow==1.15

If you have a GPU that you can use with Tensorflow:

$ pip install tensorflow-gpu

1.2 Other dependencies

$ pip install pillow Cython lxml jupyter matplotlib

Install protobuf using Homebrew (you can learn more about Homebrew here)

$ brew install protobuf

For protobuf installation on other OS, follow the instructions here. …

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This is a question that has haunted me for years, and I could never begin for a long time. Finally, it turned out to be a simple lesson: “start by doing”, and that’s all that is required. The only problem in this statement is what exactly to start with.

Step 1

A. Programming Language

The first step is to choose a programming language (only choosing and not mastering). …

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to perform Facial recognition with OpenCV python in Pycharm. Head on to our Pycharm project. Here we will install the required packages. Below is the list.

  • cmake
  • dlib (try installing lower version)
  • face_recognition
  • numpy
  • opencv-python


First we will import the relevant libraries

import face_recognition

import cv2

import numpy as np

Loading Images and Converting to RGB.

The Face Recognition package consists of a load image function that loads the image. Once imported the image has to be converted to RGB.

imgmain = face_recognition.load_image_file('ImageBasics/Bryan_Cranst.jpg') …

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Android 11 developer preview came with lots of new and amazing features focusing on 5G integration, scoped storage, improved privacy and security, and more. One of my personal favorite feature is Wireless debugging. It is a new method for deploying and debugging your app wirelessly from your workstation.

Requirements :

  1. Device running with Android 11
  2. SDK platform-tools with version ≥ 30.0.0.
  3. Same Wi-Fi network for Android device and your PC

Wireless debugging

Android 11 supports deploying and debugging your app wirelessly from your workstation via Android Debug Bridge (adb). …

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In these tough COVID-19 times, everyone want to make something related COVID-19 and which is also useful for others. So why not to build a very simple and basic OpenCV project to detect if you are wearing a face mask to protect yourself, which also shows you accuracy of it.

For building this model, We will be using the face mask dataset provided by Prajna Bhandary. It consists of about 1,376 images with 690 images containing people with face masks and 686 images containing people without face masks.

Given the trained COVID-19 face mask detector, we’ll proceed to implement two more additional Python scripts used…

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I have several friends that have been furloughed from their jobs or some that are no longer working since Covid-19 came along. I wanted to share some tips to earn a few bucks or swag during this time period for them.

We’ve all seen the countless plots, gimmicks, articles, and suggestions on what you can do to make money online — but I’m not going to add most of those jobs in here. No survey taking, or video watching — only legitimate jobs you can do from your computer…

The Blog Itself (Blogging)

Many people start with Blogger or — they are the FREE versions of a blog. But my thought on that is always to have your own self-hosted blog. Now, I know it costs some money for hosting and a theme to do it right. …

What would you see in your Chrome browser when there is no internet connection ? Yes, everybody knows that dinosaur game that comes on screen. We are going to use Python and OpenCV to achieve our target.Here I’m using Windows, and my webcam for the camera feed, but you can use most of the code for Linux and MacOS as well

We are basically going to play the Chrome Dinosaur game using hand movements from the camera feed.


A glimpse of what our final code does.

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Let’s Start

You need the following libraries

import numpy as np
import cv2
import math
import pyautogui

Pyautogui : PyAutoGUI is a Python module for programmatically controlling the mouse and keyboard without any user interaction. …

If you are a Harry Potter fan , you would know what an Invisibility Cloak is. Yes! It’s the cloak that makes Harry Potter invisible. We will make this happen with few line of python code in OpenCV.

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How it works

This technique is opposite to the Green Screening. In green screening, we remove background but here we will remove the foreground frame.

  1. Capture and store the background frame
  2. Detect the defined color using color detection and segmentation algorithm.
  3. Segment out the defined colored part by generating a mask.
  4. Generate the final augmented output to create a magical effect. [ output.avi ]

Let’s Start

You need the following libraries

import cv2
import time
import numpy as…

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service which powers the Echo family of devices as well as the companion app on the Android and iOS smartphones.

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Introduction To Alexa Skills

Out of the box, a user can give Alexa a number of voice commands such as creating a to-do-list, set the alarm, play a song, or provide the news. The tasks Alexa performs upon user request are called “Alexa Skills”. Essentially, an Alexa Skill is a voice-driven Alexa app.

Alexa has a number of built-in skills, but developers can build new custom skills, by using Alexa Skill Kit (ASK). The ASK, a collection of APIs and tools, handles the hard work related to the voice interfaces including speech recognition, text-to-speech encoding and natural language processing. …

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When there is no internet connection available, Google Chrome web browser on Windows and macOS (most likely on Linux too) shows up a page detailing the possible causes as well as a small endless runner game with a dinosaur that has to run, dodge obstacles and accumulate points. …


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